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The Odd Pot – Bnetter’s Standard Odd Paladin Commentary

POSTED BY Bnetter February 23, 2019

One of the strongest current decks in the Meta is the Odd Paladin. This is a highly aggressive deck that is geared towards rapidly overwhelming your opponent before they have the mana or cards to react.

The following videos gives a basic lowdown on how to play Odd Paladin. The goal is to essentially give zero cares and go as ham as humanly possible. The first is my personal commentary talking about what makes the deck special as well as a quick mirror match game that does a good job of breaking down strengths and weaknesses. The second is essentially the holy grail of strategy guides on how to play the deck.

Dropping Your Raid Leader and Attacking with your Silverhand Recruits

Odd paladin has highly favorable match-up’s in the current meta. The following table gives you a good general idea on how this deck should fair in the current meta. Over the next few week’s I will bring you more content on how to actually play the deck in each individual match-up but the following table shows a general synopsis of how the deck fairs.

Odd Paladin Win Rate Table – HS Replay 2/23/19
Odd Paladin Mulligan Table – HS Replay 2/23/19

Essentially to start you want to mulligan for Corridor Creepers, a 1-Drop to fill your first turn,and then Unidentifed Maul, Raid Leader, or Frostwolf Warlord is an ideal starting hand. One of the ideal aspects of this deck though is its ability to mulligan cards into a matchup and the flexibility it brings.

All in all, I really like this deck and have used it to climb from rank 11 to rank 4 at the time of writing on the Hearthstone standard ladder. Hopefully I can level up to legend here soon.